DairyCast update for March 18th, 2009, Ben Yale helps you protect your farm and your employees and Deere 5 series tractors

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Update for March 18th, 2009

Last week was a really great week at the The Western Dairy Management Conference (http://www.wdmc.org/) in Reno. And it was great not because of all the hospitality, ice cream and milk, but I felt that top to bottom it was one of the best slates of experts in the industry of any conference. It was also great to catch up with many of you and learn more about your operations and the challenges you are currently facing.

Hopefully some of the resources we will be providing over the next few weeks will help us all deal with these tough economic times and low milk prices. Be sure to begin our conversations from this event by clicking below on my talk with Ben Yale.

Drop me a message and let me know what’s on your mind: feedback@dairycast.com. I look forward to sharing several conversations on future programs here at DairyCast.com.
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  • Link to blogBlog: Feeding the World and Defending Agricultural Science. By Dr. Terry Etherton. Dr. Etherton returns after a hiatus with some discussion on feeding the world: "One pressing issue that looms on the horizon pertains to how the global village is going to feed a growing world population. Projections are that between now and 2050, the world’s population will grow from 6.5 billion to about 10 billion people (International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications - ISAAA)." Read more.
  • Link to blogBlog: The End of Obesity is Just Around the Corner. By Dennis DiPietre. If you imagine in your mind, the irrigated agriculture of California you probably can see a large valve sticking out of the ground with a wheel on top situated in the middle of a massive field with deep furrows. As the valve is turned, water gushes out into the furrows, flooding them to provide water for the crops... Read more.
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  • MP3 fileAudio: Exclusive information from the 2009 Western Dairy Management Conference, March 11 - 13, 2009, Reno, NV, USA. Stay connected to learn about the other dozen or so conference conversations as they are published.
  • DairyCast will be capturing selected presentations from the The National Institute for Animal Agriculture's The Changing Face of Animal Agriculture conference, March 31 - April 1, 2009, Louisville, Kentucky, USA. These will be available at DairyCast's Conference Connection.
  • Thank you to all who completed the online evaluation of the 2009 Silage-Specific Leadership Conference. Most of you gave the conference an enthusiastic thumbs-up and provided great ideas of how events can be improved in the future. Winners of the CD sets from Jolene Brown were: Mark Vant Hul of Rock Valley, Iowa; Frank Fernandes of Tulare, California; and Alan Andersen of Burley, Idaho. Congrats!

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