DairyCast update for March 9, 2010, What Impact Does Nutrition Have on Reproduction?

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Today’s sunshine and warmer weather are certainly welcome additions. Not only by daily chore-men like myself, but also by the cowherd. It’s amazing what some nice weather can do to improve cow comfort after a long winter. If only we could translate sunshine into higher milk prices, then we would be getting somewhere.

We have several great conversations for you to catch up on this week. Of particular interest are the conversations on the impact of nutrition on reproduction and fetal programming, optimizing your pasture performance, and congress’ perspective on antibiotic use in your cows.

DairyCast® Conversations

What Impact Does Nutrition Have on Reproduction?

MP3 fileDr. Rick Funston, University of Nebraska, shares latest research on the impact of nutrition on reproduction and fetal programming. (Part 1 and Part 2).

How Do You Get the Most from Standing Forage?

MP3 fileDavid Davis, Superintendent of the 1,200 acre Forage Systems Research Center at the University of Missouri, shares approaches to managing intensive grazing strategies.

Agriculture Telling its Story

Are Ag Extension Services Valued? Discussion on Ag Extensions and Other Public Ag Programs.

Farmers Answer Consummers' Food Questions Farmers address consumer questions around food quality, organics, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and the use of herbicides/pesticides/fertilizers on crops.

DairyCast® Headliners

Dr. Terry Etherton

Link to blogGlobal Status of GM Crops – 2009 Dr. Etherton posts highlights of of the report "Global Status of Commercialized Biotech/Genetically Modified Crops: 2009 – The first fourteen years, 1996 to 2009".

Meggie Foster

Link to blogNAIS is Out, Animal Disease Traceability is in – Translate, Please! It’s no secret that the USDA’s National Animal ID System (NAIS) has encountered its fair share of critisism during its first six years on the drawing board. In fact, following hearing sessions hosted by the USDA last year, industry buffs called the program unworkable and unnecessary. Hence, in its current form, NAIS has been called off and USDA officials have rallied to create a new, more flexible framework for Animal Disease Traceability in the United States.

Don Tyler

Link to blogBuilding Camaraderie Tough challenges and working through them can build camaraderie.

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