DairyCast update for May 4, 2010, Hay Crop Quality and Quantity

It looks like the demand picture is getting a little brighter. At least the foodservice side of the picture appears to be improving according to the National Restaurant Association. Its monthly performance index, based on a survey of restaurant owners, rose above 100 in March for the first time since August 2007. Hopefully the optimism of restaurateurs can translate to high demand for dairy products and increased profit for dairy producers.

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DairyCast® Conversations

Update on Traceability

MP3 fileRichard Breitmeyer, California State Veterinarian, provides an update on traceability, in two parts (part 1 and part 2).

Hay Crop Quality and Quantity

MP3 fileDoug Shoup, Agronomist at Kansas State University, shares his advice to hit the target of quality and quantity with your hay crop.

Antimicrobial Resistance

MP3 fileDr. Jared Taylor, DVM and assistant professor at Oklahoma State University, provides the facts, myths and follies regarding agriculture's role in antimicrobial resistance, in two parts (part 1 and part 2).

Agriculture Telling its Story

On The Farm

Nick Weber chats with Chat with Emily Zweber, Zweber Family Farm, about dairy farming, the economics of organic dairy, and Minnesota as a state in which to do business.

Precision Agriculture

AgTech conversation looks at precision agriculture, what farmers are using, and what might hold for the future.

DairyCast® Headliners

Dr. Terry Etherton

Link to blogFamily Dairy Farms and Immigration Reform Dr. Etherton shares thoughts from Chad Dechow, Associate Professor, Dairy Cattle Genetics Department of Dairy and Animal Science, The Pennsylvania State University "The American Farm Bureau (AFB) has declared the 'Season Right for Meaningful Immigration Reform.' The National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) has issued dire warnings of farms being forced to close their doors and store milk prices skyrocketing if immigration reforms that guarantee an uninterrupted flow of low-cost laborers are not enacted. Such claims ignore decades of store milk price trends and the heavy loss of dairy farms this country has already experienced despite (and perhaps because of) the steady pace of illegal immigration."

DairyCast® Conference Connection

Fresh presentations from the 2010 NIAA One Health: Implications for Animal Agriculture

Video fileVideo: Systems-Based Approach to Assessing and Protecting Food and Agriculture Kate Leese Burgers, MPH, James Lee Witt Associates.

Video fileVideo: How Will One Health Impact Livestock Producers?Dr. Harry Snelson, DVM, Director of Communications, American Association of Swine Veterinarians, provides some perspective from another animal species point of view.

Additional presentations available for the Opening Session, Animal Care, Animal Identification, Emerging Diseases, Cattle, and International Trade.

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