DairyCast update for November 17, 2009, If you have more than 50 cows, will you need an EPA permit?

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We are pleased today to be one of the first to share with you an exciting announcement from Elanco Animal Health. In an effort to further enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of meeting their customer’s needs, Elanco has released the new, higher concentration of Rumensin. Listen in as Dr. Chel Moore, PhD and Technical Consultant for Elanco, explains the details you should know.

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  • Link to blogHybrid Outlook for Agribusiness Careers: From BeefCast "Employment prospects for farmers, ranchers, and production managers are expected to decline over the next seven years, with notable exceptions in organic farming, horticulture, and aquiculture. The overall outlook for careers in agriculture and food science is brighter—job growth in these areas is expected to keep pace with the average of other occupations in the United States."
  • Link to blogOpinion: The Luxury to Criticize!. Post by Dr. Terry Etherton : Harold Harpster, Professor of Animal Science,Department of Dairy & Animal Science, Penn State University, commented "I stop at the end of the lane to retrieve the day’s mail and folded around the usual stack of bills is my latest issue of TIME magazine. Before driving into the farm I take a quick look at the cover. What’s this? A package of bright red hamburger is center stage with a label across the package: 'WARNING: This hamburger may be hazardous to your health. Why the American food system is bad for our bodies, our economy, and our environment- and what some visionaries are trying to do about it.' Immediately below the package in huge bold print are the words 'The Real Cost of Cheap Food', by Bryan Walsh, Time’s 'Energy and Climate' writer. My immediate thought is 'Here we go – some pseudo- expert who knows next to nothing about agriculture, has decided to trash our way of life once again'. I read the article right then and there and my first impression is certainly correct!"

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