DairyCast update for October 19, 2009, Should you fire all of your employees and start over?

We are pleased to offer you a three part series focusing on way you can improve the performance of your team. As we are in the heart of football season, we all know how frustrating it can be when your favorite team fails to communicate and execute properly. The same can be true for your dairy when your team of employees aren’t performing as national champions. Tom Wall, President of Language Links, LLC., offers some great insight into improving how you coach and the results that you receive.

Be sure to take some time today to review our continuing conversations from the 2009 World Dairy Expo.

If we didn’t have a chance to catch up in Madison, drop me a note.

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  • Link to blog"How the Mighty Fall--and Why Some Companies Never Give In": by Don Tyler: "Jim Collins’ new book, 'How the Mighty Fall' is a great read for any business going through difficult financial situations—and those who want to avoid them. Though the title may initially cause you to think, ‘That’s all I need, more negativity!” the book provides empirical information on the common steps that highly visible companies have gone through in their decline, and others that turned it around mid-crisis."
  • Link to blogThe Food System and Feeding the World. Post by Dr. Terry Etherton "Much has been written about the “Food System” and how we should go about feeding the world. To put “much” into context, I ran a Google search using the phrases “food systems” or food system; got 906,000 returns for the former and 759,000 returns for the latter phrase. Why the keen interest in the food system?"

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