DairyCast update for October 7, 2009, Can you use peer-to-peer communication to tell your dairy story?

Wow, what a great week last week at the World Dairy Expo! Thanks to all you DairyCast fans that took time to say hello. There were a lot of great conversations and educational opportunities. Several educational seminars sessions are available now, focusing on everything from raising heifers to using social media in dairy operations.

If we didn’t have a chance to catch up in Madison, drop me a note.

DairyCast ®Conversations
  • DairyCast 0303 MP3 fileHow to utilize peer-to-peer communication to tell your story. Polly Ligon O'Grady, Vice President of Weber Shandwick, shares how to utilize peer-to-peer communication to tell agriculture's story, reinforce and build its positive image, and counter inaccurate or uninformed online commentary about modern production practices.
  • DairyCast 0302 MP3 fileIs your dairy operation estate plan ready? Rod Bain of the USDA walks us through a recent study of estate taxes in agriculture. Who pays the most and what we may see in the near future.
  • DairyCast 0301 MP3 fileArtificial breeding unit opens at K-State? Jeff Stevenson, Reproductive Physiologist, highlights the newly opened Kansas Artificial Breeding Service Unit at Kansas State University.
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