DairyCast update for September 21, Can you have superior employee productivity and extraordinary employee job satisfaction

Today we are a week away from the highly anticipated World Dairy Expo. Hopefully you have made plans to be in attendance at this years event. If you are going to be in Madison let me know and we’ll take some time to catch up and learn about how we can help you more. If you can’t make it this year, don’t worry, we will continue to bring you the leading edge information from this year’s Legendary World Dairy Expo.

Take a moment to listen to our 300th DairyCast program to learn how to get better performance from your employees. I offer a sincere thank you to you for being an active part of our community. And we look forward to our next 300 programs with you!

How are you sharing your story of agriculture? I would enjoy hearing your comments, send me a note.

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  • Link to blogThe Community Value of a Dairy Farm. Post by Dr. Terry Etherton Dr. Etherton posts thoughts from N. Alan Bair, Director of Dairy Industry Relations, Penn State University: "Every farm is first and foremost a business. Typically when we think of local businesses we think car dealerships, grocery stores, manufacturing and maybe doctors’ offices, but probably not farms. The largest industry in Pennsylvania is agriculture and the same is true in Perry and most of our 67 counties. Statewide, dairy represents almost 45% of all farm income – collectively we are big business and important to the Commonwealth’s economy." N. Alan Bair provides more on dairy industry as a responsible and participating community member.

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