Disney Rejects The Turkey!

Info via nola.com

Apple and Cider, the 2010 White House turkeys, will each receive a pardon from President Barack Obama. However, instead of a first class flight to Disneyland, both turkeys will take a short road trip down the river to Mount Vernon, former estate of George Washington.

A Disneyland spokesman said Friday that after five years of taking turkeys, the park will no longer become home to the bird that the president pardons in an annual White House ceremony. Instead, after Obama pardons the turkeys Wednesday, the fortunate fowls will live out the rest of their lives at George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate in Virginia.

Emily Coleman Dibella, a spokeswoman for Mount Vernon, says it's appropriate that the turkeys will go to Washington's home. In 1789, Washington became the first president to issue a Thanksgiving proclamation, and the Washingtons also raised and ate turkeys at Mount Vernon. Wild turkeys still roam the estate.