Don't forget this event: New Media Expo Aug 14 to 16, 2008

The New Media Expo is coming up Aug 14 to 16 in Las Vegas. I will be attending to discover what new areas people are channeling conversations. I will also be looking to see what friends (Chris Brogan, Chris Penn, John Wall, Libsyn) are doing and how they have changed their approach to conversations. Another reason to go is to chat with people about the issues of new media and impacts to advertising, marketing, and communications.

I still struggle when we are approached to do what I call traditional marketing: create a branded web site with glitz, get people to signup, send them press releases, send out free stuff, and claim victory based on action taken. What happened to listening and working toward helping the audience or end customer learn, have that conversation in person, build that connection over time? I think to many times people forget that the connection to a customer or audience must be done over time and well before anyone thinks it should. Sure a shotgun marketing approach can get a result but is it the result you want over time? Attending the New Media Expo will give me a bit of perspective and regeneration:) Mocha anyone?

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