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eXtension Initiative, @BeGrowCreate

Twitter eXtension CoP and network accounts

  1. Animal Manure Management, @LPELC
  2. Bee Health
  3. Beef Cattle
  4. Blueberries, @bluesberrybush
  5. Child Care, @BetterChildCare
  6. Climate, Forests and Woodlands
  7. Community Planning and Zoning
  8. Companion Animals
  9. Cooperatives
  10. Corn and Soybean Production
  11. Cotton
  12. Dairy Cattle
  13. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, @eXtensionDEI
  14. Drinking Water and Human Health
  15. Entrepreneurs & Their Communities
  16. Extension Disaster Education Network, @EDENtweets
  17. Extension Master Gardener, @exemg
  18. Families, Food and Fitness, @FFFCoP
  19. Family Caregiving, @FamiliesCaring
  20. Farm Energy
  21. Floods
  22. Food Safety
  23. Freshwater Aquaculture
  24. Gardens, Lawns & Landscapes, @exgll
  25. Geospatial Technology, @eXGeospatial
  26. Goats
  27. Grapes, @eViticulture
  28. Hogs, Pigs, and Pork, @USPorkCenter
  29. Home Energy
  30. Horses, @eXtensionHorses
  31. Imported Fire Ants
  32. Military Families, @MilFamLN
  33. Organic Agriculture, @eOrganic_CP
  34. Parenting, @JITParenting
  35. Personal Finance, @moneyeXtension
  36. Pest Management In and Around Structures, @URBANIPMtweets
  37. Plant Breeding and Genomics
  38. Science for Youth
  39. Small Meat Processors
  40. Wildfire
  41. Wildlife Damage Management
  42. Wood Energy

Cooperative Extension, @CESValue
Ask An Expert Wranglers, @AAEWranglers

Use and share consistent hashtags so tweets can be found in search.
Hashtags in the body of a tweet are a way for people to create communities of interest around specific topics.
#coopext (Cooperative Extension, Anne Adrian is the source, registered hashtag on Twubs),
#news (source Twubs),
#cesvalue (Cooperative Extension Service value, registered on Twubs)
#eXPD (eXtension professional development, Beth Raney is the source)
#fb (Facebook, source Twubs)
#tips (source Twubs)
#NeVC (National eXtension virtual conference, registered on Twubs)
#elearning (source hashtags.org)
#climate (source hashtags.org)

Tip: Create a list of  hashtags that are in general use and relate to your eXension community or network. Example

For top hashtags used on an account, see http://tweetstats.com/.

What is a #hashtag?
A user-created standard for identifying tweets belonging to a topic. Include the tag in your tweet and other people searching for the same tag will be able to find it. Register a hashtag on Twubs at http://twubs.com/registerhashtag. From twubs.com.
The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keyword or topic in a tweet. Any Twitter user can categorize or follow topics with hashtags. From hashtag.org.
Twilert can give Twitter alerts of keywords, brand names used in tweets. http://www.twilert.com/

Give your hashtag context
Most people won’t actually know what your hashtag means, so give a quick explanation in one of your tweets or, if you’re making a hashtag, make it very apparent what it’s talking about.
If you want to create a hashtag, be sure that it adds value.
Conferences and events rely on the hashtag system more than almost any other entity. It’s become standard to track the conversation about speakers and afterparties via a hashtag.

Event hashtags
If you’re about to put on an event or are looking to take your event to a new level, here are some useful tips for hashtag organization:
- Choose a single hashtag early. This may seem simple, but it is vital to get right. Choose a simple hashtag that represents your event or brand.
- Remind attendees of the hashtag constantly: On your website, on your Twitter feed, at the opening remarks, and throughout the day, make a friendly reminder about your hashtag and that you can track the conversation through it.