Farmers' Ages an Indicator of Media Consumption Habit


The percentage of US farms being run by those over 55 years old is about 57%. Conversely, 43% of farms are being operated by people under 55. Different ages have different information discover and use patterns. Pingdom posted an in-depth summary of where different aged people "hang out" on social media networks.

It’s a bit surprising that not one single site had the age group 18 – 24 as its largest, but that can be explained by this interval being a bit smaller than the other ones (it spans seven years, not 10 as most of the others). That the two oldest age groups don’t top any of the sites probably doesn’t surprise anyone, though.

For those in ag media, there is a need to continually discover and understand the metrics of their audiences. It also means taking action with those metrics to prepare for new ways of delivering and engaging that agricultural audience.