Farming Business Under DOJ & USDA Review

The Departments of Justice and Agriculture are holding their final workshop to discuss competition and regulatory issues in the agriculture industry. This final workshop will focus on margins.

According to the DOJ

This workshop will look at the discrepancies between the prices received by farmers and the prices paid by consumers. As a concluding event, discussions from previous workshops will be incorporated into the analysis of agriculture markets nationally.

This all day event wraps up a series of workshops that began in March of 2010. The four previous workshops covered Issues of Concern to Farmers, the Poultry Industry, the Dairy Industry, and the Livestock Industry.

From the December 6, 2010 Wall Street Journal

As the final workshop, it will also wrap in themes from earlier events. Smaller farming operations say consolidation has given them little bargaining power as they buy seed or sell their livestock or milk. With feed prices well above historic levels, dairy, livestock and poultry farmers in particular are under pressure.