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Update for January 7th, 2009

Perhaps its too late to wish all a ‘Happy New Year’ but as it gets underway, we surely hope to leave some of the fireworks of 2008 behind. No matter what segment of agriculture you view, price fluctuations of unprecedented scope either contributed to record income or losses. That giant sucking sound in the third and fourth quarter was the sound of the financial meltdown pulling dollars from all other markets in an effort to close the gap and stop the margin calls.

So that’s the year that was.. let’s look ahead. Truffle Media Networks, which producers BeefCast, DairyCast, PoultryCast, SwineCast and CropVillage, is using the start of the new year to make some resolutions of its own. You’ve asked for a wide range of topics, key focus on management concepts and implementation. First off, we appreciate your input. Secondly, we respond. You’ll be hearing shorter, more topic specific programs in the future making it easy for you to get hold of what you want and set aside those which may be of lower priority for you. Doesn’t mean you’ll not hear compendiums of multiple topics from time to time, but generally we want you to easily find what you’re most interested in. And don’t forget to check the program archives to see what else we may have posted on those same topics.

One of the elements of podcasting, blogs and the internet in general is the ability to store vast amounts of data, then sort for retrieval. Knowing that, we’ve worked to cover agriculture from an ‘evergreen’ perspective. By ‘evergreen’, we mean we look for the concept which doesn’t change tomorrow, or the practice which has long term viability. We know the management and production information we provide will be available online for a long time, so we bring that information to you in a way which will carry weight months or years down the road. That makes those archived articles particularly valid so be sure to check from time to time when there’s a topic you’d like to better understand.

Finally, we’ll be in touch this year. The internet means interaction. Hearing from you, seeking your opinion and input. Through survey’s phone calls and emails we want this program to become an important part of your management system. Hearing from the key industry players and production experts.. those who know what’s going on in the trenches, like you. Looking forward to talking with you soon.

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