Food, nutrition, and schools: summary of #foodchat responses from August 18, 2009

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Semi-complete dialog of #foodchat topic: Food, nutrition, and schools from August 18, 2009.

Question 1 via @mpaynknoper What are quick & simple ways moms can ensure their children have a nutritious lunch or dinner?

  • WriteNowBiz: Q1 seems 'obvious' pack what they like & will eat :-)
  • agchick: #foodchat Q1 I supplement hot school lunch w/ granola bars, mozzarella sticks.
  • Gayle_Secret: Q1 - I get torn on this one between packing the same thing every day vs introducing variety.
  • foodchat: And how do you achieve that quick & easy? RT @WriteNowBiz: Q1 seems 'obvious' pack what they like & will eat :-)
  • TruffleMedia: Q1 #foodchat dinner by design (expand) helped us; prepare in advance dinners plus exposure to diff ways to make "boring" vegies

Question 2 via @childnutri What are UR questions about meal quality, general questions about school meals, & who is food service?

  • PutnamAg: Q2 Is any thought given to total meal calories? My kids hate "greasy" pizza Wednesdays.
  • Gayle_Secret: Q2 Would be really nice to involve kids in preparation of meals!
  • NateJaeger: Q2: quantity has as much to do w/ nutrition as quality. need to focus on nutrient rich foods. more good stuff w/ less calories
  • mpaynknoper: @PutnamAg Q2 That's a great ? re total calorie count. I'd ask the same re sodium counts. Any professional #nutrition folks here?
  • tbtamartin: Q2 investing in a good lunch pack with the ability to keep things cool or hot if sending soup. Soup with a cheese sandwich 4 dipin

Q3 Via @NEFarmBureau Would you be willing to pay more for school lunch for certain food? How much?

  • mpaynknoper: Q3 Hard to tell without specifics about school lunches. Sure wish there was a #food #nutrition expert on here!
  • Gayle_Secret: Q3 - hard to say w/out specifics. Need to weigh purchase options vs benefit of packing lunch.
  • TruffleMedia: #foodchat Q3 More $ would have to seriously change foods offered/services added.What would that look like;thought bubble forming above brain
  • tbtamartin: Q3- I would be willing to pay more but needs to be fresh and healthy not a step up from one fast food to another
  • wagfarms: Q3 If we would be talking about fresher produce and better meat choices, I would be willing to pay more $.

Q4 @cowartandmore must have read my mind! Do you prefer to pack lunches or have children purchase School Cafeteria meals? Why?

  • cowartandmore: Q4 I worry about my kids eating what is served. (They're not in school yet.) Is there a "food monitor" to make sure they eat??
  • wagfarms: Q4 With the long bus ride, packing lunches is very difficult. How to convince 7 and 5 year-old that food needs to wait for lunch??
  • TruffleMedia: Q4 #foodchat prefer to pack because school food is not so really good to eat ( (expand) example) ; sounds good on paper but ...
  • RayLinDairy: My mother works in a school cafteria and the amount of food that is premade the day before is astounding, how can it taste good?

Q5 covered a little before. Via @cowartandmore: What tips do you have for inexpensive and/or convenient nutrition for kids?

  • whitwallace: Q5: Not a #mom, but as a "big kid" I love light string cheese. Easy 4 on-the-go, inexpensive, with #dairy and protein!
  • NateJaeger: Q5: fruit, natures original fast food. Good night all. See you next week!
  • tbtamartin: Q5 I found it less expensive to by fruits and veggies and prepare on weekends in baggies to grab during the week
  • mpaynknoper: Q5 Yogurt gogurt, Cheese sticks, carrots, cheerios, apples...
  • tbtamartin: Q5 My kids loved my portuguese rice pudding. I would make on w/ends and put in containers that they threw in their lunch

Q6 What is the one executable idea you will act upon as a result of our conversation tonight?

  • cowartandmore: Q6 I will learn to not give in and continue to expose my kids to healthy food choices.
  • whitwallace: Q6: Going to ask more ?s about the food service program in my Dad's district. Lots to learn and will be sure to share!!
  • RayLinDairy: Q6 We continue to try to lead by example in our household by eating healthy foods to show our kids they are tasty.
  • tbtamartin: Q6 Well My Ma is chiming in again and reminding me that "when they r hungry enuf they will eat it" "This ain't a restrnt" LOL
  • mpaynknoper: Q6 Ask a whole lot of questions about our school lunch program when I eat there on Friday - & watch the kids.