Good presentation on basic small business/clasic startup issues

I am at the New Media Expo, listening to Paul Colligan of, Inc. , re-learning about classic startup issues and application to the podcasting industry.

Some notes:

  • Interestingly, he mentioned the E-Myth by Michael Gerber, and how most small startups' founders and the company are the same and the issue that most people are not good at all they need but only good at a few.
  • How money is made in podcasting (indirect, direct, integrated).
  • He is not advocating indirect (speaking, consulting) and direct (3rd party ad sales) but he is advocating affiliate / commissioned sales model. Full disclosure note: Paul offers a platform service,, that provides the infrastructure for affiliate sales.
  • His talk moved to how he is making money as a reseller of things already out there, like .
  • Paul does a good job describing many podcasts as case studies on how they are making money. This is good for those looking to learn the industry.

I was a little disappointed in that his talk started to sound like late night infomercial to people in podcasting on how to sell podcasting stuff. His talk title is "The Move From Maker To Merchant: Taking Your Podcast From Hobby To Business In 27 Days" which smacks of infomercial. He lays out step by step actions that advocates action that makes all the work formulaic. True, he is true at heart on what he does and sincerely believes you can use these steps. I do like his outcome statement: After you do the 27 day steps your will either "Start all over again - but differently" or give up with knowledge and experience.