How Comfortable Is Your Chair? Your Attention Span Depends On It

Long Format Content Needs Comfortable Chair The 2010 Blog World Expo wrapped up Oct 16 with a panel couch conversation that included Adam Carolla (The Adam Caolla Show), Penn Jillette (Penn & Teller), Mark Malkoff (filmmaker), Cali Lewis (GeekBeat TV), and Jeffrey Hayzlett ("The Mirror Test", former Kodak CMO).

The group, moderated by Rob Barnett (CEO of My Damm Channel, former programming executive at MTV and VH1) provided a lively discussion around the use of social media, new media, and blogging in real conversations with real people.

One of the hotly discussed idea was the idea that people's attention span is short and that videos need to be very short. Penn Jillette challenged with the statement that we will only watch short videos and that long format is "very niche". He elaborated with
"Does anyone believe that human being's attention spans have actually changed in the last, oh, I don't know, 750,000 years? I don't think there is any sort of brain change that happens. It's the same attention span you have other times. I think it has to do with a comfortable chair and is has to do with where the technology's delivered. By next year, at this time, everyone will be watching on all the web stuff on their television, they'll be sitting in the same place."

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Closing Keynote, approximately 70 minutes.