Is what you do in your DNA?

I am at the New Media Expo, listening to Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV, learning how he markets his shows and what he does.

Some quick key points:

  • What you do must be in your DNA and execute against that!
  • You must be straight up authentic.
  • Content is King but Marketing is Queen.
  • You must be marketing your shows everyday (he is doing 6 to 10 hours a day marketing his show).
  • You must take every opportunity to connect to your community. Are you posting solid responses where the community is hanging out.
  • Build a legacy.
  • Take what you can get to build your content.
  • Build steady. You don't want the "viral" video (get massive hits ... once), you want steady growth. You want more audience tomorrow than today.
  • You want your brand mentioned not YouTube's ... Every video that has gone viral, the news reports that "Another YouTube video went viral" ... Your brand name is not mentioned as going viral. Use ways to have your brand mentioned, not others.
  • Define what you want! Go home and define what you, and "work your face off" to get there.
  • Authenticity: People watch "reality TV" even though it is not. Be authentic. Don't edit! Be really real.
  • Be thankful for every listen and audience connection. People will take 1 minute out of there day. People may take 10 minutes out of their day. What every they do, they are taking some amount of time out of their day to pay attention to you ... Be thankful for that.
  • "I realized that my signs for my lemonade stand were more important than my lemonade"
  • No niche is too small. What you need to do is dominate it. Recognize your niche and "pound it" to make it grow.