Large organizations have policies for using social media. How will this impact your connections?

Below is info from a post to the Eli Lilly & Company Alumni group on LinkedIn. clipped from

Eli Lilly & Company - Alumni Eli Lilly & Company - Alumni

Validity of this group listing

Groups like this may no longer be permitted under section 8 of a new Lilly policy, "Global Standards on Use of Social Media for Personal Purposes" effective 1-Mar-10.

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Hi Kent,
Not an easy thing to shut down social media groups as they can be started by anyone. And this group is for Lilly alumni, who would not (in most cases) be bound to Lilly policies/procedures.
What you could do is move ownership of this specific group from a Lilly employee to a non-lilly employee and remove the Lilly logo. And the Lilly policy will most certainly provide guidance on employee participation.
For those of us that are not Lilly employees, what does section 8 say? Hey, section 8 is what Kilinger on MASH sought to get out of the Army! :) Hope all is well, John Blue

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