Marketing is no longer about 'How many people, an old metric, but about 'Who'

September 10, 2009

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What is happening in agriculture new/social media?
  • Conversations versus tools Mica Veihman, Monsanto's social media team lead, MP3 filetalks with Ned Arthur about having digital conversations and not focusing on the tools.
  • Sharing the conference National Institute for Animal Agriculture's ID-INFO Expo 2009 has selected conference media being shared via's Conference Connection series. Conference Connections provide a way to share information with those that may have missed a segment of a conference or want a refresh on what they heard while at the conference.
  • Using videos to engage public in ag conversations The National FFA and its student members helped raise the public’s awareness of the importance of agriculture through a series of videos, from the 2009 Washington Leadership Conference (WLC) held during the summer of 2009.
Social and new media conversations that might be of value to you:
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