New Media in agriculture, some examples

Here are some examples of Ag related new media being produced.

Fill Up Feel Good,, DomesticFuel is providing a comprehensive source of news about the dometic fuel industry.

The Cato Insitute,, The Cato Institute undertakes an extensive publications program dealing with the complete spectrum of public policy issues. They have a blog, podcast, and regular web stuff.

Geek.Farm.Life,, Geek.Farm.Life is a weekly farm podcast from Indiana.

AgWired,, ZimmComm is a “new media” company that publishes several agricultural industry news websites and specializes in blogging, podcasting and managing RSS feeds for the agricultural industry.They produce lots of useful content!

National FFA Organization,, has lots of content in video, audio, podcast, andregular web, all focused on helping youth in the USA be engaged in agriculture and scholarship.

SwineCast,, a podcast series all about the production and management in the swine industry.

AgWeb,, provieds information in many areas of ag using blogs, standard web delivery, and RSS feeds.

CircoFLEX Lab Dance by Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. The shift here is not the video but an example of a serious companies letting go a bit by utilizing widely available media sharing (YouTube) sites to deliver a message. Note the number of times the video has been watched. Not lots but not small. Note that YouTube counts a view only if the whoe video has been played, so partial plays do not count.

These examples are not meant to be comprehensive, just a sample of how "new media" is being used to tell a story, share information, and entertain you with ag focused content.... I wish there were a better name than "content"; sound like I am talking about feed, water, or gravel.