Podcasting and making money ...

I am at the New Media Expo, listening to Leesa Barnes, author of Podcasting For Profit.

This is another session (see JasonVanOrden.com and Colligan.com) of a person who is an expert in podcasting selling services about podcasting to podcasters. Leesa is good at energetically presenting but when she focuses on "Helping you make Tons OF Money" as the focus of the presentation then I feel this is an infomercial. Each thing Leesa talks about in here presentation is a bit of bait / teaser to the audience with the subtle goal of getting this audience to buy her book, services, time, etc.

There is nothing wrong with this approach. People showed up at this session because money is certainly what drives this world and wanting to be a part of that is a strong motivator. But I think Leesa should fully disclose this: She makes her living selling her book, making paid presentation, and selling consulting services about podcasting.

Ok, what was useful from her presentation?

  • She is great at presenting case studies of podcasting business models. She presented Hulk Hogan as an example for Indirect Method Persona (the entertainment / star model). She broke down the Oprah model in a great fashion as part of the Integrated Method Persona. And she leveraged Big Bird as an example of Direct Method Persona.
  • She really engaged the group, sought their input, and made them want to participate. This is the kind of person you want at a conference speaking!
  • She is an idea generator person.
  • She has a methodology to share and utilize which help people focus.
  • ShowTaxi.com allows you to create unique feeds on your software, SubscribeCast.com and PremiumCast.com help you create web based unique feeds, AMember.com helps you manage members.

Final message: You do need multiple streams of income and you need to develop the strategy for each. Use what you know! You must be your brand because all the other brands are taken:)