Podcasting: future, opportunity, uncertainty.

Map of Online Communities by DArcy Norman I had a chance to present to the Purdue University FALL 2008 COM 63200 On-line Interaction and Facilitation class. The small class of graduate students are focused on how to build communities, both technically, but also socially; one of the issues they have to figure out is the "social contract" between the electronic/virtual community and its participants. I equate this to "What's in this for me?" or more formally, "what is the value proposition?". Each of these questions has its own unique point of view.

Attached are two parts of the presentation/information on Truffle Media I presented. First slide set is about Some of the thought on why ag podcasts and context plus examples of other niche podcasts. The second is more of an outline of some items I covered ad hoc in the class, quickly pulled together for the students. FYI, these slides are delivered using SlideShare, a really handy service to share slides without having to mail them.

Picture is CC Map of Online Communities by DArcy Norman.

Podcasting Environment Nov 2008
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