Podcasting: Media's New Cream

As a marketing professional trying to reach your diverse and geographically scattered dairy target audience, you have both opportunities and challenges. The opportunities come from the limited size and clear focus. Full mail boxes, cluttered desks and long hours prevent many marketing messages from breaking through. In today’s mobile environment, podcasting offers the ideal solution to help meet your marketing objectives.


Podcasting is the innovative and widely accepted delivery medium that transcends traditional media like newspaper, radio, and television. Enabled by broadband technology, audio and video content are quickly and easily transmitted to a subscriber’s computer. The subscriber can either review the content at their computer or transfer it to a portable media device like the popular iPod for review when and where they choose. Podcasting enables marketers to share product and company stories more dynamically. Marketing professionals are discovering it’s a new land of milk and honey, rich with loyal customers.

“I see podcasting as another way for me to help supply my customers with information,” asserts Ryan Millett, Elanco, Dairy Business Unit. “By promoting DairyCast, I am promoting a fast and easy way to stay up on today’s topics. My customers are covering larger territories and thus have more windshield time. Anything I can do to help keep them informed of the industry around them is a bonus and DairyCast is that bonus.”

DairyCast is one of five agricultural podcasting programs offered by TruffleMedia Networks. During 2007, DairyCast produced 126 episodes and covered 13 major dairy industry events which resulted in over 37,000 downloads. Through an integrated DairyCast campaign that included podcast billboards, community e-mails, and Web site ads, sponsors received over 169,000 quality impressions. Downloads in December 2007 were six times greater than those from the previous January, demonstrating this medium’s explosive growth.

Podcasting is a powerful tool. How this exciting approach is used should be determined by business objectives, total marketing mix, and resources available to invest. Podcasting fits easily into product launch campaigns, ongoing customer education initiatives, and anymarketing effort that helps you create long-termrelationships.


Truffle Media Networks offers a number of ways for marketing professionals to learn more about podcasting. You can join an online conversation with your peers, including current sponsors like Elanco and Mycogen, through “Ag Media Conversations,” a podcast designed specifically for those who want to integrate podcasting into their media mix. Go to www.TruffleMedia.com for access to this helpful program.