PoultryCast update for April 10, 2009, FAPRI Report on Feedgrain Prices and Meal Planning Research with ShoptoCook

Update for April 10, 2009

Conversations with presenters at the recent Midwest Poultry Federation meeting highlight recent programs. Depop and disposal of large flocks should be part of your emergency planning procedures. Bud Malone shares his experience from multiple events this decade and will help you map your own EOP.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has launched an investigation into potentially contaminated feed products from a rendering facility in Alberta. The vast majority of the potentially contaminated feed has been identified, contained and will be disposed of. The company is working closely with the CFIA to quickly identify and dispose of all potentially contaminated feed.

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  • MP3 fileAudio: PoultryCast 0156, FAPRI Report on Feedgrain Prices.
  • MP3 fileAudio: PoultryCast 0155, NIAA - Meal Planning Research with ShoptoCook, Inc. The video version, with slides, can be found here.
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  • Link to blogBlog: Head in the Oven, Rear End in the Freezer and Calling it a Nice Average Temperature, By Dennis DiPietre . "IThe externality crowd (the politicizers, activists and interest groups who believe that agricultural producers are pushing a multitude of costs off on the globe and their community without paying for them), should take a look in the mirror. When a small group of the population, such as those who have a true willingness to pay for things like country of origin labeling, organic food, locally produced food, carbon-neutral food, etc. gain the political clout to force the costs of these attributes on everyone (willing to pay or not), they have used the government to structuralize a huge cost externality. Which is to say, they have forced others to pay for attributes only they demand." Read more.
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