PoultryCast update for January 29, 2009, Conversation on meeting current nutritional needs.

Update for January 29th, 2009

Conversations and presentations from the International Poultry Expo and Poultry Science Federation program will be posted in next few days so you’re not behind. Small photo gallery of IPE Expo floor at Flickr.

IPE 2009 Expo floor

Good research is moving the industry forward on some of the most challenging problems we face. The external economic situation is sure to impact markets and exports for the next several quarter. Returning to profitability is key on attendees lists of New Year’s Resolutions.

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PoultryCast® conversations

  • MP3 fileAudio: PoultryCast 0137, Novus International's Dr. Giovanni Gasperoni looks at meeting current nutritional needs, expanding demand for probiotics, and the future protein demand worldwide.
  • MP3 fileAudio: PoultryCast 0136, Food safety conversation with Maple Leaf representatives following the massive recall last year. What went wrong... and what they did right. Also, speakers at the Center for Food Integrity's Annual Summit look at food safety as a key component of consumer trust and business profitability.
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PoultryCast® headliner
  • Link to blogBlog: Conseling Employees on Personal Finances, By Don Tyler. "More and more of my clients are having difficulty with their employees who are in a personal financial mess. Tough economic times tend to expose the strengths and weaknesses of people’s overall money management. Sometimes they try to maintain their regular spending habits with credit without the thought that eventually they have to pay the bill". Read more.

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