PoultryCast update for July 2, 2009, Bordetella Hinzii Shows It's True Identity

Update for July 2, 2009

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Couple of interesting stories this week as a bacteria which was thought to be relatively harmless shows itself to be otherwise and the impact of Proposition 2-like legislation in Ohio will be considerable.

Clark Griswold
Interesting, the home of Prop 2, California, besides being without a budget and issuing IOU’s to employees and vendors (How would that play in your Christmas stocking, Clark Griswold?) is also working to pass legislation requiring all products imported into the state to be raised under similar conditions as required by Prop 2, thereby pricing eggs beyond the reach of much of their population.

At least the rum didn’t spoil, back in the days of prohibition. ("But why is the rum gone?" JS)

It’s a challenging time as my brother and I were discussing this week. I’m sure your family is having the same conversation.

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