PoultryCast update for June 19, 2009, FDA Seeks To Expand Regulatory Coverage On Your Operation

Update for June 19, 2009

The last few conferences and programs I’ve attended have been challenging, not only in communicating the presentations and advances that this industry survives on, but in watching and reporting the whipsaws of our product and input markets. As a producer/grower, you observe these issues and deal with them on a daily basis.

Today I’m sharing comments from my co-producer here at Truffle Media, Trent Fredenburg. Trent’s a fine young man who covers the Beef and Dairy industry, and his recent post reminds me once again that there’s a higher purpose to what we do in agriculture. Keep in touch and send us a note at feedback@poultrycast.com.

From Trent Fredenburg
"This past weekend my eyes were once again opened to the potential and bright future ahead for agriculture. For two days I served on the nominating committee for our next state FFA officer team.

During the time I was able to see the passion and excitement that numerous high school graduates have for our industry. I was extremely impressed with their dedication, commitment and leadership ability. While the challenges we face continue to grow, it is great to see so many young leaders actively engaged on our side of the battle. Several of them were involved in one way or another with on-farm livestock or poultry production.

I believe any efforts to recruit and develop young people to be active leaders in our industry will be magnified significantly and we will all reap the benefits. "

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