PoultryCast update for March 12, 2009, Water Hardness Impacts Quality of Bacterial Rinse and Washington Issues for Producers

Update for March 12th, 2009

A brief move into black for broiler prices this week just a break from unrelenting pressure on profitability. We continue our series of presentations from the International Poultry Science Forum in Atlanta. Check out the links at PoultryCast.com to catch what you missed in late January.
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  • MP3 fileAudio: PoultryCast 0147, IPSF Recap - Water Hardness Impacts Quality of Bacterial Rinse.
  • MP3 fileAudio: PoultryCast 0146, Washington Issues for Protein Producers.
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  • Link to blogBlog: Changes in Motivational Priorities, By Don Tyler. "The change in the economic outlook has had an interesting impact on how employees rate their “Motivational Factors” at work." Read more.
  • Link to blogBlog: Characteristics of Competitiveness are Changing in the Meat Complex, By Dennis DiPietre . "Just as the landscape is changing on a global economic front as outlined in my previous blog, so then are the characteristics of competitiveness as we look out into the next five year horizon. Many years ago, responding to the advent of scale in animal production, veterinary science in production agriculture moved from a focus on individual animal treatment to something widely referred to as herd health." Read more.
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