PoultryCast update for March 26, 2010, Corn & Soybean Markets This Growing Season

Survey information just released shows new home sales at an ‘all-time’ low. With the slow down in both consumer and commercial building markets, the availability of our preferred pine shavings continues to tighten. Research on river-sand as an alternative where the product is available has yielded positive results in turkey poults. It seems once the birds reach a weight where heat loss is less of a problem, they’re able to thrive for a multitude of reasons.

The Midwest Poultry Federation hosted a world-wide group of attendees at their St Paul, MN convention recently. Conversations from presenters at the meeting will make for valuable programs in upcoming PoultryCast updates, stay tuned.
PoultryCast® Conversations

What Should Be Considered When Using DDGs In Poultry Feeds?

MP3 fileDr. Danny Hooge, Hooge Consulting, presented his thoughts on the use of DDGs in poultry rations and potential issues to be aware of at the Midwest Poultry Federation Convention Pre-Show Nutrition Symposium.

River Sand Litter Shows Promise For Turkey Grow Out Phase

MP3 fileAge of the bird is a key factor in work on litter alternatives, profiled at the International Poultry Scientific Forum.

What is in store for the corn & soybean markets this growing season?

From DairyCast: MP3 fileDan O'Brien, Kansas State grain market economist, looks ahead to the USDA's March 31st planting intentions report and the impact of this growing season on feed prices.

What is the Agriculture 2.0 Conference?

From CropVillage: MP3 fileJanine Yario, NewSeed Advisors, talks about how media and conferences are bringing together investors and presenting companies to create and develop new ideas around ag sustainability, food production, energy, and agri-tech.

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Agriculture Telling its Story

Foodchat on Food and Health. What are the ways in which food, health, and education can be formulated to improve lives and create a future in which all children are not at risk of obesity?

The Persistence of the Primitive Food Movement From the Freakonomics Blog, "Americans are currently embracing a strange sort of primitivism. Bicycles are losing gears, runners are afoot in shoes designed to creatae a barefoot sensation (some are even running barefoot), and men are growing bushy Will Oldham-like beards. It’s all very curious and entertaining. But nowhere has our love for the supposed simplicity of the past been more evident than in food trends."

Food Cannot Be Ethical. Only People Can. A recent report, Ethical Food, attempts to address "Are ethical brand claims influencing food purchases? And if so, which claims matter most to consumers?". Unfortunately, this report is about creating a divisive environment around food, its production, and the people who work in the food and agriculture industries.

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Link to blogReminder that the 2010 Census is here Spread the word to submit 2010 Census information. Tell your Latino employees about their right to privacy and how important their response is. Tell them that it is safe to fill out the form and that it is important to be counted.

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