PoultryCast update for May 8, 2009, Going Green - Organic Component of Ag Census - Carbon Credit Guidelines

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Update for May 8, 2009

When protein producers are painted with a broad brush, such as what’s occurred in the last two weeks via the H1N1 flu panic, export market doors frequently slam shut. All major meat organizations are working to re-open the trade pathways as the controversy begins to wane.

The USDA is expanding their research into organic production and we have a conversation with Carol House of the USDA about the census data focusing on organics coming soon.

Post-Prop 2 California returns to front pagedom with legislation to limit animal agriculture antibiotic use. We have the answer to their question on a recent edition of PoultryCast.com.

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  • MP3 fileAudio: PoultryCast 0160, Going Green - Organic Component of Ag Census - Carbon Credit Guidelines
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  • Continuing series from The National Institute for Animal Agriculture's The Changing Face of Animal Agriculture conference held March 31 - April 1, 2009, Louisville, Kentucky, USA.
    • MP3 fileVideo: Jerry Roell - Equipping Animal Agriculture in a Changing World.
    • MP3 fileVideo: Bill Medley - How Wall Street is Impacting Credit to Farmers.

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