PoultryCast update for November 18, 2009, Climate Change Legislation Is Still Moving in Washington

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PoultryCast brings you a special presentation from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, looking at Ag Lending issues, featuring Texas A&M’s Dr. Danny Klinefelter, director of The Executive Program for Agricultural Producers (TEPAP) and co-director of the Texas A&M Family and Owner-Managed Business.

This valuable presentation overviews "The Forces Driving the Ag Credit Market and Its Impact on Producers". This presentation should be reviewed by your senior management team and others involved in the financial area of your operation.

Also this week is a conversation with Rick Krause, American Farm Bureau Federation’s Senior Director for Congressional Relations. Rick reviews the current climate legislation conversation in Washington and what it means for livestock and crop producers.

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  • PoultryCast 0191 MP3 fileAg Lending Issues: Special presentation from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange looking at Ag Lending issues. Not what you want to hear but what you need to know! Share with your management team by forwarding this show link.
  • PoultryCast 0190 MP3 fileClimate Change Legislation Is Still Moving in Washington: The climate for Climate Change Legislation in Washington is still stormy, its just hiding behind the health care debate clouds. American Farm Bureau Federation's Senior Director for Congressional Relations Rick Krause provides this update on an important topic.
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  • Link to blog"Not On My Watch": by Don Tyler. "A hunter was out for a short walk in the woods near his cabin and soon found himself being charged by a bear. He was running as fast as he could toward the cabin with the bear so close he could feel the heat of the bear’s breath. As he got to the cabin steps with the bear just inches behind him, he tripped and the bear, running so fast and so close, rolled right over the hunter and through the door of the cabin. The hunter got up, closed and locked the door to the cabin, and then yelled to his hunting buddy, 'You skin this one…. I’ll get the next one!'"
  • Link to blogCap-and-trade bill: What’s in it for me?: by Meggie Foster Tyler. "While President Obama is expected to focus on challenges in Afghanistan and a hefty new health care bill this week, many in the farm community are growingly concerned about the future of cap-and-trade legislation, and its implications for farmers. According to University of Illinois agricultural economist and environmental policy guru Madhu Khanna, there are both positive and negative consequences for American farmers in a climate bill that would define the nation’s first-ever mandatory limit on heat-trapping gases, in an effort to slow-down global warming effects".
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