PoultryCast update for October 13, 2010, Why Do People Think I'm An Animal?

A couple of interesting stories which impact our industry in direct ways are available for your listening. Glynn Tonsor, K-State, reviews data looking at media stories which show our industry in a negative light and how our consumers react at the meat case. The effort to quantify what has been in question will also provide an economic case for developing programs and procedures to further limit inappropriate activities.

We also look at the stimulus package as it affects small business. The Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation will provide some guidance. You may want to check out that offering to insure you're not leaving money on the taxman's table this year.

Information To Help Your Operations

Poultry Events And Symposiums

  • 2010 National Poultry Waste Management Symposium - The National Poultry Waste Management Symposium, October 26-28, 2010, Greensboro, NC, provides a great opportunity to learn about the latest technology and research regarding by-products from the production and processing of poultry. This educational event helps managers and decision makers to understand and manage the challenges associated with animal production facilities.
  • 13th Annual Winter Ventilation Workshop - The Winter Ventilation Workshop, November 1-3, 2010, Athens, GA, provides lectures, group exercises, and utilization of Excel spreadsheets to educate attendees on the principles behind environmental control of poultry houses during cold weather.
  • 2010 Grain Forecast and Economic Outlook Conference - The Grain Forecast and Economic Outlook Conference, November 10, 2010, Atlanta, GA, examines the function and responsibilities of the grain buyers. This U.S. Poultry & Egg Association conference provides real-time facts and figures on economic forecasts, feed grain supply and demand, and purchasing strategies.

Agriculture Telling its Story

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