PoultryCast update for September 24, 2009, FDA Perspective on Food Safety - What You Need To Know

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Two recent programs we believe you’ll find of value are looking at key issues now facing our industry. A special report from Iowa reviews current crop conditions. Futures prices anticipate the estimated record crop will reach maturity and move into the pipeline eventually. (The ability of the pipeline to handle those supplies is another consideration.)

We also share audio from a recent presentation at the NIAA ID/Info Expo in which Dr David Achison, recently of the Food and Drug Administration, reports on the traceability issue from the FDA perspective. What they want to see, why, how and perhaps most importantly, when. Dr. Achison’s review of recent food safety issues and comparison with proposed timelines for future traceability shows serious gaps between current procedures and what will be demanded.

Also, in Washington, Representative Slaughter refuses to back off antibiotic use in agriculture. This issue will not go away on its own and our industry organizations are joining with other groups to build a strong defense. You have a part to play as well by contacting your Congressmen today.

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