Promoting and marketing shows to agencies

I attended the New Media Expo session featuring Susan Bratton of Personal Life Media, where she talked about connecting with agencies and speaking their language.

Some quick points:

  • While you may not like CPM, you need to provide that information.
  • Have a media kit with the following
    • Have a rate card.
    • Have demographics or psychographic info.
    • Know your market overview.
    • Describe your podcast as an overview.
    • Host bio? Get one.
    • What's coming up in the show? This would be an editorial calendar.
    • Provide some visuals and links on site.
  • The rate card is just the start of a conversation. Most agencies will not buy off the rate card, they will want a custom approach. But the rate card helps start the conversation.
  • Make the calls and you'll need to maintain the connections over a period of time. This is not a quick activity. Steady, progressive, action is required.