Social Media Gear Up Kit

Get connected, for free Chris Brogan, social and new media connector says "You can pay for my time or you can get it all for free on my blog." He now has a book out Trust Agents.

Get the Twitter Power Guide ebook Christopher S. Penn put together an ebook to help those tap into the data available from using social media tools.

It's not about how many Mitch Joel, TwistImage, chats with Chris Penn on Marketing Over Coffee about the ideas behind Mitch's new book Six Pixels of Separation, Everyone Is Connected. Connect Your Business To Everyone . One of Mitch's main messages: "Marketing is no longer about 'How many people', an old metric, but about 'Who'". Listen in as Chris and Mitch dig into what MP3 filedigital marketing really means.

Read The Clue Train Manifesto Free online!

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