Social networking means meeting and having conversations with other people

Short post: Social media is media that brings people together to share thoughts and ideas.

  • Don't get caught up in the technology!
  • Focus on where you want to be.
  • You can not control the message, even though you think you can. People will talk, so instead of with you, they will talk without you elsewhere.

Where do I hangout?

Two things to do to get involved with social networking?

  • Participate! Find something you are interested in a join. On Facebook there are many groups for many interests.
  • Learn: Check out the Financial Aid Podcast as a great example of utilizing the technology tools to bring people together. Read Chris Brogan and his efforts to connect people. Listen to Marketing Over Coffee to discover what people are up to in the new media space.

What does this mean for you in the agriculture industry?

  • Have you joined an a Facebook group aligned with an ag school: Example: Purdue... Can't find a group? Create your own!
  • Check out the Global Farm Machinery group on Ning (search for agriculture). Start your own group to share ideas on ag production or management.
  • Sign up to the Dairy Forum to learn more and share about dairy production.
  • Read AgWired and listen to See what the FFA is doing to educate and share via new media and blogs.
  • Read and participate in the Farm Journal Media AgWeb blogs.
  • Check out the web sites for crop, beef, dairy, poultry, and swine. These are web sites lists that will lead to usable info on various topics in ag.