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The NAMA 2011 Agri-Marketing conference is kick starting with lots of activity. On the evening of April 13 will be the Best of NAMA reception and ceremony, where NAMA peers have selected the best agri-marketing campaigns, PR, media, and collateral.

Each of the six NAMA regions had opportunity to advance merit and first place winners to national judging (merit & winner lists by region one, two, three, four, five, and six). This interesting view of the Best of contestant shows what agency and design firms (blue) are doing work for what companies (green). The graph is pretty wide so use the scroll bar to go left / right. You can also view a PDF version (best not print it though, it does not fit well on paper:).
The conference gets underway with the Best of NAMA awards. Awards are presented in 59 categories. It’s an evening ceremony that leaves you in a celebratory mood—and concludes in time to dine with key clients and customers!