SwineCast Update for December 9, 2010, Using WiFi On The Farm?

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Agriculture Telling its Story

  • Livestock Operations Need To Open To Public - Temple Grandin says livestock ranchers should open their doors to the public and show how animals are raised and cared for.
  • US Marketing Opportunity For New Zealand Pork - New Zealand's new animal welfare regulations may offer them a product marketing angle for US consumers.
  • Agricultural Mentoring - Those entering agriculture have a lot to discover and a great way to learn is from someone who already has been there. This online conversation shares thoughts on professional connections every young ag producer should have and ways for people to connect with a mentor.
  • Agriculture and Politics - Politics plays a major role in agriculture. Issues like water rights and subsidy payments impact farmers and ranchers everyday. This AgChat conversation on local, state, and national politics highlights some of the issues and how the future might play out.

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