SwineCast update for April 1, 2010, What are Some Control Options for H1N1?

Last Friday’s USDA Pig Crop Report sent markets sharply higher with audible cheering heard from North Carolina to Nebraska. Economist Steve Meyers noted the report "had brought the series of boring pig crop reports to a screeching halt." You can hear the National Pork Board’s post-report press conference here.

Also some interesting conversations around international markets and imports this past month with one presentation on China’s role in world pork markets from an economic perspective and some likely outcomes from a long-term perspective.

We believe with the most recent crop report indicating sufficient corn supplies for both biofuels and feed use (albeit at higher prices than producers would like to see), the swine industry can look forward from a very dark period in its history. In the combined impacts of high feed prices, dramatically improved production efficiency increasing slaughter numbers and weights, and the novel H1N1 virus misnaming debacle, there are a lot of empty barns and hearts out there. Spring can’t come too soon!

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SwineCast® Conversations

What are Some Control Options for H1N1?

MP3 fileDr. Sarah Probst-Miller returns with her Carthage Swine Vet Service colleagues for this most recent P's In A Pod program looking at H1N1, it's impact on the industry last year and control considerations and options.

March Pig Crop Report Yields Big Surprises

MP3 filePig Crop Report Perspectives from the National Pork Board. How will the USDA number affect your operation?

Food Safety Technology And Imported Product Concerns

MP3 fileDr. Mike Doyle, Director of the Center for Food Safety at the University of Georgia, talks with Dr. Moira Gunn of the Tech Nation Podcast Series at the IT Conversations Network about the issues of food safety technology and concerns related to imported product testing.

Agriculture Telling its Story

Animal Agriculture Alliance's 9th Annual Stakeholder Summit is April 28-29 2010 at the Westin Arlington Gateway Hotel in Arlington, Virginia. The main topic is "Truth, Lies and Videotape: Is Activism Jeopardizing Our Food Security?" This event will feature a keynote by Dr. Elizabeth Parker, Chairman, Animal Agriculture Alliance and Chief Veterinarian, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. Topics being covered include: an animal agriculture legislative update, terrorism against the food industry, and proactive animal well-being initiatives. See program for details.

Global Agriculture Agchat discussion looked to understand the global agriculture issues to be addressed so more people can be fed in the future. Of note is the video from the Earth Institute: Global Agriculture Systems and Food and National Security and the FAO ag trade visualization tool.

Raw milk is getting has more public exposure due to recent illnesses in Michigan. At the core of the issue is food safety and consumer choice.

Looking to discover other agriculture focused conversations? Start by looking into these agriculture tags: Farm, Ag4all, Profood, AgChat, and Swine.

SwineCast® Conference Connection

Fresh presentations from the 2010 NIAA One Health: Implications for Animal Agriculture

Video fileVideo: H1N1 and Comprehensive and Integrated Swine Surveillance Dr. Liz Wagstrom, National Pork Board, from NIAA's One Health: Implications for Animal Agriculture, March 15 - 17, 2010, Kansas City, MO, USA.

Video fileVideo: Ballot Initiatives: The Ohio experience Mike Bumgarner, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, from NIAA's One Health: Implications for Animal Agriculture, March 15 - 17, 2010, Kansas City, MO, USA.

Additional presentations available for the Opening Session, Animal Care, Animal Identification, Emerging Diseases, and International Trade.

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