SwineCast update for April 16, 2009, Trade Wins For Producers + NPPC's Nick Giordano on Administration and Trade Issues

Update for April 16, 2009

We’ve recently been to Washington for the NPPC’s Spring Legislative Action Conference and were impressed with the coordination and training in order to maximize effectiveness when pork producers ‘take to the Hill’. Many state legislatures around the nation are also in session battling budget issues heightened by the current economic crisis, but also seeing proposals fronted by HSUS and other extremist organizations.

If there has ever been a time for your action, preferably by direct contact through phone calls, letters or emails, this is that time. Many of these efforts utilize misinformation or bad science about animal welfare or environmental issues to limit production and profitability. Listen to the comments of Nick Giordano to share the importance of battling protectionism and maintaining free trade. Check with your pork organization to see what issues are critical in your area, then ‘take to the Hill’ in your state. And good luck!.

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  • BlogBlog: Demand, by Dennis DiPietre. The price outlook to producers can be summarized as I have said before by observing "which falls faster, supply or demand". It is clear that both are falling, nationally and domestically, and the price responses still seem to suggest demand is falling faster than supply but a slowing is beginning to take place. Read more.
  • BlogBlog: Swine Industry Update, by Mark Greenwood. The cost to produce a hog is down from a year ago but the fact remains that everyone raising hogs today is losing money. The number of phone calls I receive today is very similar to a year ago when many producers were under financial stress. Everyone is wondering, “When are we going to get in the black again?” Read more.
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  • From The National Institute for Animal Agriculture's The Changing Face of Animal Agriculture conference held March 31 - April 1, 2009, Louisville, Kentucky, USA.
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  • From the Pig Industry Forum, March 5-7, 2009, Dallas, Texas, USA.

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