SwineCast Update for April 29, 2010, Reducing Pig Stress By Feeding Tryptophan

When Jerry Seinfeld and friends used Tryptophan (delivered in a late turkey dinner) to get at primo “G.I. Joe” action figures… little did we know the outcome would be good news for swine producers.

Researchers are finding the nap-inducing amino acid slows down the aggressive tendencies of re-mixed pigs and gilt replacements. Think of it as Thanksgiving afternoon without the Cowboys and Lions.

Also, a heads up on content from the Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholders Summit. We’ve got the presentations in the bag and will begin posting in coming days. A really great program this year which Truffle Media was proud to support as a sponsor. Interesting side note, a ‘Twitterific’ program as well. Some 10,000 views of the Tweets posted over 30 hours at #AAASummit. Check it out and continue to follow ag related updates at @narthur and at @TruffleMedia.

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SwineCast® Conversations

Reducing Pig Stress By Feeding Tryptophan

MP3 fileDr. Brian Richert, Purdue University, explains how researchers are adding the amino acid Tryptophan to nutrition packages for a few days leading up to a re-sort in the nusery or gilt replacement pool.

How's The Ag Economy Holding Up?

MP3 fileBrian Briggeman, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, takes a look at the agricultural economy in comparison with the anticipated rebound in the general economy.

Evaluating Enzymes - Getting What You Pay For

MP3 filePractical tips, on enzyme evaluations from the Midwest Poultry Convention presentation which have value for pork producers as well.

Agriculture Telling its Story

Arizona, Here We Come...NOT! Friday, April 23, 2010 was a day that will be remembered by many. On this day, Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer, signed into law bill SB 1070 – “Immigration; Law Enforcement; Safe Neighborhoods”. The controversial law, which goes into effect sometime this summer, will allow (amongst other things) law enforcement officers to stop any person with reasonable suspicion of being illegal and ask about their immigration status. If the person cannot produce documentation that would validate their legal status, they would be arrested.

Precision ag technologies drive new #agtech talk In agriculture, technology being used today is very different than 5 years ago. The future will continue to bring new ways of making, marketing, and selling agriculture products. #AgTech on Twitter, 12-1pm CDT April 30, 2010 starts a conversation on agriculture technology and its impact.

New Ag Media Model Paulsen Marketing published market research on two generational agri-professional points of view. Some observations: Digital media is supplementing traditional media, not replacing it, The source of information is more important than the channel, and Digital media is scalable and can be a cost-efficient media to test. This research contains several video conversations with producers across several ag industry segments and demographics.

Small Meat Processor Issues discussion on #AgChat talks about regulations, issues, and consumer choice.

SwineCast® Conference Connection

Fresh presentations from the 2010 NIAA One Health: Implications for Animal Agriculture

Video fileVideo: Food Safety Issues for Salmonella in Pork Dr. Liz Wagstrom, National Pork Board.

Video fileVideo: Systems-Based Approach to Assessing and Protecting Food and Agriculture Kate Leese Burgers, MPH, James Lee Witt Associates.

Additional presentations available for the Opening Session, Animal Care, Animal Identification, Emerging Diseases, and International Trade.

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