SwineCast update for December 3, 2009, Climate Change Legislation Issues and Mycoplasma Research update

There has been much discussion focused on PRRS eradication at recent swine health meetings. Ideally, the goal should be to eliminate this fierce killer of unborn pigs from the U.S. entirely. This week, two programs will be looking at what it might take to accomplish this goal.

I’ll be in Chicago for the Boehringer Ingelheim PRRS Symposium which precedes the International PRRS Symposium as part of the Conference of Research Workers in Animal Diseases. These high-level, international gatherings bring the best and brightest to bear on the PRRS issue. We’ll have interviews and presentations available for you on the discussion next week.

Also, the presentations from Swine Forecast 2010 go online at SwineCast.com this coming Dec 9. Great overviews of several segments affecting swine production. If you missed the live webinar, you don’t want to miss this replay.

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  • SwineCast 0486 MP3 fileWeaned Pig Contracts - What's Right For You?: Carthage Swine Vet Service looks at weaned pig contracts. How has the industry changed these tools and what does the future hold?
  • SwineCast 0485 MP3 fileMycoplasma: discussions and research from the recent Leman conference and the AASV program on Mycoplasma.
  • SwineCast 0484 MP3 fileGibberella Adds To Corn Harvest Angst: Serious Gibberella mold on this year's crop puts producers in a harvest-time storage quandry. What will you do when the 'strip test' is positive?
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  • Link to blogCap-and-trade bill: What’s in it for me?: by Meggie Foster. "While President Obama is expected to focus on challenges in Afghanistan and a hefty new health care bill this week, many in the farm community are growingly concerned about the future of cap-and-trade legislation, and its implications for farmers. According to University of Illinois agricultural economist and environmental policy guru Madhu Khanna, there are both positive and negative consequences for American farmers in a climate bill that would define the nation’s first-ever mandatory limit on heat-trapping gases, in an effort to slow-down global warming effects".

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  • Initial info from Swine Forecast 2010 held November 18, 2009 at 30 separate sites in the USA and Canada. The Washington Watch presentation is now available and the reset of the presentations will be available Dec. 9 on SwineCast's Conference Connection.
    • Video fileVideo: Washington Watch Dr. Jennifer Greiner and Associates, from the National Pork Producers Council, provide a great summary of the legislative actions that impact agriculture.

  • 2010 (aka twenty-ten) will no longer be science fiction! While the end of year Holidays have yet to happen, planning for the first part of twenty-ten is wrapping up. Here is a short list of events to keep an eye on.
    • AFBF 91st Annual Meeting Jan. 10-13, 2010 Seattle, WA. Interested In Attending the AFBF 91st Annual Meeting? Members must register through their state Farm Bureau office to attend the AFBF annual meeting. Many state Farm Bureaus offer group travel arrangements. If you’re not sure who to contact, find your state Farm Bureau.
    • AG CONNECT Expo 2010 Jan. 13-15, 2010, Orlando, FL. Introducing a world-class event that brings together the very latest in equipment, technology and ideas from all areas of agriculture production—all around the globe. Registration and event details available.
    • Minnesota Pork Congress Jan. 20-21, 2010, Minneapolis, MN.
    • Iowa Pork Congress Jan. 27-28, 2010, Des Moines, IA. Who should attend? Producers, contractors, feeders, students, consultants... Anyone interested in the swine industry.

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