SwineCast update for February 18, 2010, Answering Your Neighbors And Legislators Following CBS' Antibiotic Ag Use Story

Winter has for many years meant Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) breaks. This year at several midwestern conferences there are efforts to use the reduction in swine numbers as a base to work a PRRS eradication effort into place. Empty houses simplify depop-repop programs.

At SwineCast.com, presentations like those at the Boerhinger-Ingelheim Chicago PRRS Symposium provide the informational background for such efforts. Also, Dr Scott Dee has been offering information on these programs which you can see at Keeping Disease off the Farm and PRRS Eradication Update.

Scott is a regular guest of SwineCast and has been an advocate of PRRS Eradication since his stint as president of the American Association of Swine Veterinarians.

Keep an eye towards Washington as HR 1549 (Slaughter bill to require re-registration of antibiotics) remains a concern for our industry. Conversations with NPPC’s Dr Jen Greiner lays out the reasons we must stay on our toes. A recent two-part presentation by CBS News failed to fully convey the issues. We’ve provided a quick link to an American Feed Industry Association article for talking points for reference.

Tough times breed innovative solutions and this certainly qualifies.

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SwineCast® Conversations

Answering Your Neighbors And Legislators Following CBS' Antibiotic Ag Use Story

MP3 fileDr. Jen Greiner, National Pork Producer's Council, provides insight on CBS' antibiotics in animal agriculture investigation. The American Feed Industry Association offers additional talking points.

Consumer's Interest In Animal Husbandry Continues To Grow

MP3 file Dr. Ed Pajor states there is growing consumer's interest in animal husbandry. How will you need to adapt?

At The Meeting - Discussing The Recent International PRRS Symposium

MP3 fileDr. Bob Morrison, Morrison Group, breaks down the presentations and information from the International PRRS Conference and the attendent Boehringer-Ingelheim PRRS symposium in Chicago.

Agriculture Telling its Story With Social Media

Farming Your Online Community: Social Networks and Beyond Michele Payn-Knoper, Cause Matters Corp., says "If you do not learn how to use social media to tell your story in agriculture, others will, and possibly already are!"

Food Consumer Insight Panel #Foodchat brought together four non-agricultural food consumers to share their thoughts on issues and concerns on food and its production. This was an opportunity for those in agriculture to listen.

SwineCast® Conference Connection

Continued Presentations From the 2010 Minnesota Pork Congress

Prinatble: PRRS Eradication Update This is a printable PDF document of Dr. Scott Dee's presentation.

Video fileVideo: Understanding Wean-Pig Crush Margins Dr. John Lawrence, professor, extension livestock economist, Department of Economics, Iowa State University.

Updates From the 2010 Iowa Pork Congress

Video fileVideo: Fires and Foam: What Have We Learned? Dr. Robert Burns, Iowa State University & Dr. Larry Jacobson, University of Minnesota.

Video fileVideo: Effective Employee Training to Build Barn Culture Dr. Sarah Probst Miller, Carthage Veterinary Service.

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