SwineCast update for February 4, 2010, Updates from Iowa and Minnesota pork expos

As we wrap up production on several of the presentations made to Minnesota and Iowa pork producers during the state meetings, we can share some upbeat conversations with producers looking ahead to profit potential in the futures markets. We are also sharing some of the conversations from the Banff Swine Conference, via correspondent Bruce Cochrane, so our listeners will get a feel for most the of North American production issues.

Dr. Steve Meyer, Paragon Economics, is a popular speaker with humorous comments and market perspective. His outlook and presentations at Minnesota and Iowa are part of SwineCast coverage. In his most recent CME Daily Livestock Report, he notes a concern with recent Russian moves to close down US poultry exports. They blame a chlorine rinse used to enhance food safety... we see it as more of a opportunity to support their own home markets.

In any case, Steve notes "...our concerns and those of most of the trade center around the results of a similar Russian boycott in 2002. That episode actually began in March 2002 when Russia banned US chicken and exports dropped from 111.75 million pounds in March to 14.4 million pounds (-87 per cent) in April… The secondary damage of the 2002 disruptions occurred in the pork industry." Backing up poultry in the U.S. means pork prices will likely drop significantly, not something we want to see as we seek profitable margins this year.

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SwineCast® Conversations

Market Review and Comments with Economist Dr. Steve Meyer

MP3 fileDr. Steve Meyer shares his thoughts on the Sioux City plant closing and potential for profits.

Danisco Researching Grain Phosphorus Content Variations by Location

MP3 fileJanet Remus discusses a project which identifies Phosphorus content variations in grain sources by location, updating information decades old which is even more important with today's DDGs diets.

Mycotoxin Management and Feeding Tips From Kemin

MP3 fileDr. Andy Yersin, director of research and development for Kemin Agrifoods North America, shares concern about the mycotoxin issues we're dealing with this year.

Agriculture discussions on Social Media channels

Twitter discussionsFarm Equipment discussion.

Twitter discussionsAnimal Care discussion. Contains responses to questions, resource links, and transcript of conversations.

SwineCast® Conference Connection

Fresh presentations from the 2010 Minnesota Pork Congress

Video fileVideo: PRRS Eradication Update Dr. Scott Dee, Veterinary Population Medicine, University of Minnesota.

Video fileVideo: Pork’s Carbon Footprint Dr. Gregory Thoma, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.

Updates from the 2010 Iowa Pork Congress

Video fileVideo: Building Efficient Alternative Production Systems Dr. Yuzhi Li, University of Minnesota.

Video fileVideo: "Maintaining" the Bottom Line Dr. Stephen Pohl, South Dakota State University.

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