SwineCast update for Februray 6th, 2009, Iowa Pork Congress videos and technology for management/production

Update for February 6th, 2009

Pork Congress season with reports from Iowa, Minnesota and Canada. Attendance down and those gathered seem to be holding their breath. Its not negativity so much as uncertainty. Feed prices are high, but workable. Health issues seem to be manageable. Producers are hunkered down to see what the market, both nationally and internationally through exports will offer.

Some great presentations online at SwineCast.com/ConferenceConnection from the Iowa Pork Congress. Stop by to see what producers are interested in as reflected by the program agenda. Best turnout presentations were economic outlook in Canada and U.S. and impact of recent EPA environmental decisions.

Iowa Pork Congress 2009

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  • MP3 fileAudio: SwineCast 0378, DiagnosticSpeak.com provides collaboration space for multi-specie diagnostic interaction, and Electronic training and collaboration support sure to grow in importance according to Iowa State.
  • MP3 fileAudio: SwineCast 0377, Conversation with MetaFarms Tom Stein on the evolution of production software and what the perfect system would do.
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  • BlogBlog: U.S. Pork Exports Are Setting Up for a Tough Time in 2009 but Cross Your Fingers, by Dennis DiPietre. We are facing the first year-over-year decline in net exports since the U.S. industry became a net exporter in the mid 1990s. Even with the potential prospect of fewer total pigs slaughtered in the U.S. in 2009, due to a potential decline in both U.S. production and imports of weaned pigs and finished animals from Canada, 2009 seems to be setting up to be a very tough year. Here are the reasons for caution and why the spring futures prices may fall to meet the slogging cash prices. Read more.
  • BlogBlog: Jeremy Knutson provides insights on the markets. "Are hogs setting up for another Friday rally?" Read more.
Conference Connection
SwineCast® Conference Connection

New selected videos from the 2009 Iowa Pork Congress, January 28 - 29, Des Moines, Iowa, USA.
  • Link to videoVideo: 2009 IPC: Caring For The Convalescent Pig and Euthanasia Decisions.
  • Link to videoVideo: 2009 IPC: Measuring and Controlling Energy Costs.

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