SwineCast update for July 22, 2010, Who Will Take Charge Of Livestock Health? Veterinarians Or Regulators?

I keep hearing it's too early to be this hot. Weights are down in combination of high heat/humidity levels and poor quality corn. Feed grain growers are urged to carefully monitor grain as we use up the last of the 2009 crop. Winter warm spots on the sides of bins and the hurry to get damp corn stored could be causing another mold bloom behind closed doors. Dr. Bob Thaler of North Dakota State addressed this issue at the World Pork Expo.

Don't forget the opportunities summer grilling may provide in keeping the neighbors on your good side. Indiana Pork Producers are taking such neighborly steps with the "Year of Pigs" at the Indiana State Fair. We're at the stage in our industry where every consumer impression must be a good one. Take time to reach out with community events and activities now!

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