SwineCast update for July 23, 2009, The New Wedge Between Crops and Livestock: Government Policy

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Update for July 23, 2009

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The National Pork Board hits to road to hear directly from producers in the Omaha area July 23rd, Indianapolis on July 24th, and Clinton, North Carolina on the 27th. These meetings will focus on Pork Check-off strategy and program direction with much discussion on setting a course for the future of the industry.

These conversations dovetail with recent economic reports calling for continued industry cutbacks for an eventual return to profitability. Lower grain prices in the past month have not yet pulled black ink to most producers’ bottom lines. Join in these conversations on site or let the Pork Board know what you think by commenting via phone or online. The toll-free phone number to call to comment is (800) 456-7675 or email to pork@pork.org.

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  • Link to blogBlog: The New Wedge Between Crops and Livestock: Government Policy, By Dennis DiPietre. "In one sense, there has always been a certain conflict between crops and livestock since they tend to benefit from each other when the one is not doing so well at least price-wise. When crop prices are low, at least temporarily, livestock producers gain profits through lower cost of production. When crop prices skyrocket, livestock producers tend to struggle until a passthrough occurs or some adjustments take place. In the past however, there were good reasons for the two major arms of U.S. Ag to talk about their symbiosis and protect each other's interests. That's when the vast majority of U.S. produced corn, for instance, was destined to be livestock feed. That dynamic is changing largely due to government policy changes. " Read more.

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