SwineCast update for June 10, 2010, World Pork Expo In Full Swing

World Pork Expo is in full swing and SwineCast is taking an active role in the conversations. We are talking with producers, companies and key stakeholders over the next couple of days and sharing those conversations with you on SwineCast.com.

I am excited at some major efforts coming together to focus on PRRS Area Control. Boehringer-Ingelheim is taking a lead role on this critical disease issue by bringing together efforts from across the U.S. and building a backbone of information and collaborative efforts. You’ll be hearing more from this PRRS Area Control initiative in the coming days on SwineCast.

I also want to draw your attention to some interesting episodes that the SwineCast community is showing interest in: "Man Made Climate Change: Hoax or Myth" (links below). It is always good to hear from you that we’re helping in some small way.

We have a poll running on SwineCast.com asking The last two years in the swine industry have increased my focus on: Where have you been focusing? Vote today!

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SwineCast® Conversations

Where Is The World's Export Attention Focused?

MP3 fileDon Butler, NPPC Past-president, and Nick Giordano, NPPC Vice President and Counsel, International Affairs, tag team to provide an update on the front and center international trade issues as the U.S. rebounds from H1N1 market response.

Profits Continue, Sow Parity, and Invest to Where you Can Get Your Best Return

Mark Greenwood, AgStar Financial Services updates us on the swine industry trend.

Hoax or Fact? Man-Made Climate Change

MP3 fileDr. Jay Lehr, Science Director of The Heartland Institute, breaks down the hoax and myths behind man-made climate change. This is a presentation from the 2010 Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association Convention in three parts (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3).

Agriculture Telling its Story

What is the Minnesota Soybean Ambassador Program? Emily Zweber (@ezweber), chats with @mnsoyambies of Minnesota Soybean about the Minnesota Soybean Ambassador program.

Latinos... “Low Hanging Fruit” For Animal Rights Activists? From Orlando Gil: When you look at efforts from just about every industry in the United States trying to tap into the emerging Latino market, one has to wonder when Animal Rights Activists will follow suit. What has been done by leading animal rights organizations to reach out to this market?

EPA Deal With Environmentalists Will Hurt Farmers The National Pork Producers Council has expressed deep frustration and anger over the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s continuing efforts to develop costly agricultural regulations that provide few if any additional environmental benefits.

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