SwineCast update for June 11, 2009, WHO and H1N1 Plus 2009 World Pork Expo

Update for June 11, 2009

Incredible array of information available now at SwineCast.com on industry issues and concerns. Check out Steve Meyers comments on getting from where we are to where we need to be, economically.

And just posted is a presentation by Dr Greg Stephenson of Iowa State’s Vet Diagnostic Lab on H1N1. This is something you need to listen to. He talks not just about what it is, but where it came from, why its of concern to world health authorities and what the potential impact on our industry could be.

Please forward this post to others in our industry. Its critical that the information reach producers, managers and owners across the board.

We hope that you enjoy and benefit from these great resources! Please feel free to share these presentations with your colleagues and co-workers.

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  • MP3 fileAudio: SwineCast 0428, WPE - Conversation with Dr Steve Meyers.
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  • Link to blogBlog: Russian Roulette with Three or Four Chambers Loaded, By Dennis DiPietre. "The pig production business has always had its ups and downs but developments over the last few years have resulted in the structuralization of increased levels of price and financial risk. By structuralization, I mean that these factors are now regular, recurring added risks that are no longer random, isolated events which no risk management process can adequately predict or mitigate effectively." Read more.
  • BlogBlog: Jeremy Knutson "Corn fails for 3rd time against $4.50". Read more.
  • BlogBlog: Greenhouse Gas Reporting Plan Could Increase Environmental Problems. Read more.
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  • From the 2009 World Pork Expo, June 3 to 5, Des Moines, Iowa, USA.
    • MP3 fileVideo: 2009 World Pork Expo Educational Seminar Presentations.
    • Pictures from the 2009 World Pork Expo, including BarbeQlossal activities.

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