SwineCast update for June 25, 2009, Economist Looks at Impact of Prop 2 Like Legislation in Ohio + Torque Teno Virus (TTV)

Update for June 25, 2009
In what may be an issue of the age for agriculture (as heavy users of petroleum based inputs) there are serious concerns with the ongoing discussion on the climate bill. The NPPC said on Thursday “With U.S. pork producers suffering record losses, the National Pork Producers Council cannot support climate change legislation even with the compromise language agreed to late Wednesday. Many pork producers now are at risk of being put out of business, and passage of this climate change bill would only make that risk greater and put more producers in jeopardy.”

“While the compromise language would allow the U.S. Department of Agriculture rather than the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to design and implement the agricultural greenhouse gas offset credits program and to develop any climate change regulations affecting livestock producers – a provision supported by NPPC – the organization doesn’t believe that revenues from the sale of offset credits for the majority of pork producers would counterbalance the energy and input cost increases associated with bill.”

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